• AutoPromotec bologna 2017
  • AMT Automatic Manual transmissions
  • Prodotti Magneti Marelli
  • Torque converters remanufacturing
  • Rebuilding toolkit for Audi 01J multitronic automatic transmission differential


    Toolkit to rebuild and revise automatic transmissions

  • Oil filters for all automatic transmissions

    Oil filters

    Available in stock ready for delivery

  • Cambi manuali rigenerati

    Remanufactured manual transmissionsI

    for Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Iveco vehicles

    Visit the page !

  • Differential bearings kit

    BMW Series 1 Differential

    Bearing and seals kit for rebuilding of rear differential gear for BMW 1 series 118 and 120

  • Dual mass flywheel for Audi and Volkswagen

    Dual mass FLYWHEEL
    for DSG Audi e Volkswagen

    Dual mass flywheel LuK for Audi A3 and Volkswagen Golf vehicles with DGS automatic transmission cod. 03g105266ar 03g105266bd

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FM Auto&servizi compie 15 anni!

Specialists in revision and regeneration of transmissions for cars

The revision or regeneration performed by FM Auto & Servizi restores the full operation of an automatic transmission.

The operations are carried out: Replacement clutches, gaskets and internal gears with spare parts and NEW ORIGINAL

Replacing the transfer case with a new one

Maintenance or replacement of the valve ATF gear oil change and cleaning the internal tubes

Washing of the outer case

The customer can send - after agreement - its exhausted transmission and obtain a fully functional one - GUARANTEED FOR ONE YEAR - in two business days.

FM Auto & Servizi has a warehouse of individual parts NEW AND ORIGINAL, allowing the replacement of elements minutes and unobtainable with a significant reduction in maintenance costs.

FM Auto & Servizi

Automatic transmissions and transfer cases specialists

We're specialized in automatic transmissions and drivetrain rebuilding. Send us your broken or malfunctioning transmission, transaxle or transfer case and we'll bring it back to a new life!

Drivetrain specialists

Welcome in FM Auto e Servizi e-shop

Drivetrain specialists

We offer a wide range of revising and updating services for automatic transmissions, transaxles, drivetrain assemblies with a complete range of genuine OEM spare parts and a precise delivery service via express courier.

We completely rebuild your automatic transmission, replacing every its inner part.

Our refurbished automatic transmissions are guaranteed for 12 months.

We also offer the EXCHANGE PROGRAM, a great opportunity for workshops: you send us a broken or malfunctioning automatic transmission and we send back a revised one, in just one working day.

Our services:

  • Sale and rebuilding of automatic transmissions
  • Spare parts to revise automatic transmissions, either as single piece or as complete kits.
  • Sale and rebuilding of torque converters
  • Sale of either brand new or rebuilt transfer cases
  • Differentials revising and rebuilding
  • Brand new dual-mass flywheels sale
  • Training courses about automatic transmission diagnosing, revisioning and rebuilding for workshop specialists

Spare parts, revisions, rebuilding and substition of whole automatic transmission with 12 months warranty.

Download our company resumé in PDF format

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